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Positive Thinking

Read our 'Positive Thinking' post in 'Positive Thinking' section on pthinki | Positive Thoughts blog.We have always, a question a question in our mind, been emerged - 'What is positive thinking... actually?' and we also have some miracle type conception of 'Positive Thinking' somewhere in our mind. But really, what is positive thinking? The whole post is nothing and all about the positive thinking!
The first connection of 'Positive Thinking' is made with the 'Optimism'. Means, almost there is a common acceptation of 'Positive Thinking' as 'Optimism'! In this regard we must see the actual meanings of both words. Let's see the actual meaning -
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Positive Thoughts: With Selected Inspirational Quotes

Our blog post in 'Positive, Inspiring Thoughts', 'Inspirational Quotes'It has been above two years since we have the concept in our mind of this title 'pthinki' of sharing our own writings on 'Positive Thinking', 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes' for the readers who are seeking some or more directive, guiding content in this regard. We had a concept of publishing a book in our mind and emerged the concept of this blog later, as a result we created this blog for the online readers and here we are for the delivery of the posts.
In our day-to-day life one must know the ability and importance of the 'positive thinking' and accordingly of the 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes'. These 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes' direct us, show us the right path and encourage us to win in our personal life, in our professional life. So, the many people are searching online for these with all the stuff for these 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes', they are getting the stuff but we, here, on this blog trying hard to render some kind of very useful, directive and result oriented stuff to change one's negative mindset.
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The Positive & Negative

Our post in 'Positive' section of the blog.Certainly, we do have a some kind of, more or less, attraction of the thing 'Positive Thinking' and we do believe that it's a fantastic thing, result giving thing, moreover we do see towards this thing as a miraculous thing and results into fulfilling our any kind of expectations, wills etc. After being aware of this concept of 'Positive Thinking', with all the tendencies, there is a chance of not willing, desiring, expecting each and every negative things and expecting, desiring, hoping for every positive concern by us. We generally, are in the mood of the rejection of all the 'Negative' things and accepting all the 'Positive' things. The questions emerges here are:
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The Happiness & Our Conceptions: What We Actually Want?

The state, the condition, the experience of us, of our mind, for which we are struggling, for which we are seeking some or more routes, some or more good attempts etc. There is no issue that does it exist or not because it does exist but where? How should we acquire it? How should we be happy?

The Existence, Occurrence, Appearance & Emergence of Happiness

Our blog post in 'Positive Thinking', 'Happiness' sections.The very first question in our mind is "Does it really exist? If it does, where?"
We don't know where does the happiness exist; but we do know it exists and lies within us after its own occurrence, for how much time? It solely depends upon it and it's nature. More specifically, we will say that the happiness exists in our selves, in our minds; but it doesn't exist in the sky, water like things. Happiness is both a feeling and a condition / state as you can understand it by considering the statements like - "I am feeling happy." "I am happy."
The second question emerges in our mind according to on considering the above explanation of the existence of the happiness is "If it has no existence of its own, then how it come to ours experience?"
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How To Gain Confidence In Ourself

Our blog post in 'Positive Thinking' section
Generally, it doesn’t happen that a person has no confidence in her / his life. But he / she thinks that he / she has no confidence in his whole attitude - mere by considering the absence of confidence in few activities. A person has confidence at least one activity in his / her whole attitude / activities / career / life etc. but he / she doesn’t know or doesn’t care or doesn’t consider knowingly or unknowingly!

Confidence in Myself?

The most important factor in this condition is the Knowledge! If someone don’t have the knowledge - he / she won’t have the confidence, in the same say if someone has the knowledge - certainly, he / she will have the confidence in himself / herself!
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How Should One Get Rid Of 'Loneliness'

Firstly, one should stop taking the loneliness as negative!
Why it is?
Bad people: -
  • Sometimes it’s better to be lonely rather than living with the bad, criminal-type people.
  • Annoying, harmful people and thereof irritation to us: -
  • If the people around, in our network, with our touch are annoying
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The Absolute Truths In The World

Positive post on pthinki blog.
The one absolute truth might be in the whole universe that - “We don’t know the truth!"
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Who Is The Happiest Person In The World?

Happiness, Inspirational, Positive post on pthinki Blog.
In the core of discussion, the person who has got what he / she has desired is the most happy person in the world!
And in the rest, a person who can make the adjustments and can be adaptable according to the situations and a person who know how to live in any circumstances : is the most happy person in the world!