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How Should One Get Rid Of 'Loneliness'

How Should One Get Rid Of Loneliness: pthinki | Positive Thoughts
Firstly, one should stop taking the loneliness as negative!
Why it is?
Bad people: -
  • Sometimes it’s better to be lonely rather than living with the bad, criminal-type people.
  • Annoying, harmful people and thereof irritation to us: -
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The Absolute Truths In The World

The Absolute Truths In The World: pthinki | Positive Thoughts
The one absolute truth might be in the whole universe that - “We don’t know the truth!" 
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Who Is The Happiest Person In The World?

Who Is The Happiest Person In The World?: Inspirational: pthinki | Positive ThoughtsIn the core of discussion, the person who has got what he / she has desired is the most happy person in the world!
And in the rest, a person who can make the adjustments and can be adaptable according to the situations and a person who know how to live in any circumstances : is the most happy person in the world!
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What Should Be Done In Disappointment

What Should Be Done In Disappointment: pthinki | Positive Thoughts

When someone gets disappointed with him or her own self, a person firstly find out the reason - “Why this is happened?” I he or she finds an answer or answers, he / she should think about that reason / reason.
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Positive Thoughts For You - We Are Happy To Publish!

Announcements, Positive Thinking, Positive Thoughts: pthinki
We are very happy that we are publishing some or more positive thoughts on this blog just for you to read and to help you in overcoming your negative, depressed condition of mind.
We all need a little or more dose sometimes or always even in our day-to-day life and saying just depressed people need this kind of dose would be wrong. Just keeping in mind this requirement 'pthinki' word emerged in our mind as for the phrase - 'Positive Thinking'. Initially
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The Loneliness & Our Mind

Negative Thoughts, Positive: pthinki | Positive Thoughts
The loneliness is very disturbing, no matter whatever it's causes are. In the past, whenever I was lonely, I used to think a lot, and I would do self talk. I would speak with my own mind and still I do. In the one thing, I am little confused, whether I talk with it or it talk to me? I still don't know! Why I am saying this thing is that I always thought and am still thinking that it should not talk to me. I think the mind should not talk to me. That means I am thinking that the mind is talking with me rather than I am talking
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The Stars

Positive Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes
In few cases and in these days, whenever I feel lonely, whenever I see around and find no one is with me, in some cases, whenever I feel there is no one by my side, I am use to think too much, try to look around to find if there is any option for this condition and finding no one or no option, I, by my helpless eyes see towards the sky which results in seeing stars there in the sky, blinking. I don't know what they do but in that nervous condition, I felt they are seeing towards me. I didn't feel that they are saying anything or not;
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Difficulties Are To Improve You

Positive Thoughts, Positive, Difficulties, Inspiring
Difficulties in completing any work, task, difficulties in achieving any goal, target, distract us, bother us, annoy us make us very constrained! But in such difficulties only sometimes we find such kind of perfect option, solution that then after we think any kind of richness wouldn't have provided it! There is a very beautiful inspirational quote on this you might also like:
"Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly."
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How should we live?

Positive, Positive ThoughtsA big question about life, almost for all!
Should we live with worrying more about our life? Should we live in the world of imagination? Should we think about the future? 
The answer for all the above questions is ... yes! What? Should we do all the things above while living? Yes! Why not? Mean, why should we not worry? Why should we not imagine? And why should we not think about our future? We should worry because it's the natural tendency! And the what about the imagination? In many cases, yesterday's imagination is our today's life! Same is the case
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Some Selected Quotes On Happiness

Happiness, Inspirational Quotes: pthinki | Positive Thoughts

"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in soul."
- Democritus