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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A winner & a loser

A winner just gets the trophy, while a loser? A loser gets all other expected and unexpected things, people, situations - to learn,
experience and to survive in. A winner may cease or stay just around the trophy; but a loser gets another reason, to get up ignited, to struggle hard (again) and to earn (not to win) something not happened, unbelievable ever! [ A winner & a loser ]
pthinki A winner and a loser postSo, a winner actually is a loser! A loser of all these other things.
A winner may have a fruit; but a loser has the entire land free in which, he can sow the seeds of that fruit (and why only that fruit, he can sow the seeds of every fruit he want and he can) and can be the owner of the fruits. [ A winner & a loser ]
A winner may get a pond to swim; but a loser has Entire Ocean!

And hence, a loser actually is a winner! A winner of liberty, own choice and own ways! He can be a great achiever. 

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