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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Be Rational

You should always be rational i.e. you should always accept the thoughts, events etc. with the help of our conscious mind. We should check that thought if it is correct firstly with logic and evidence.

But there should not be only free thinking because, although rationalism invariably leads to freethinking,  but freethinking does not necessarily imply rationalism, freethinking may include
irrational views, beliefs, opinions and personal bias.

Regarding reason as the chief source and testing of knowledge is rationalism.

Rationalism is a philosophy in which a high regard is given to reason (specifically logic) and to empirical observation.

Before accepting new ideas or concepts assess them, check their truthiness and validity intelligently and only rationally accept. Because, there is a popular quote we’ve always seen…

"Be rational, get real"

So, be emotional, but don't always, sometimes be rational.

You cannot do all the things you imagine. E.g. you can imagine that you can jump from the mountain or a high bridge and survive; here you can jump but can’t survive safely. You can imagine you can jump in the flood and swim easily. But actually you can't.

In the same way someone can entrust you while selling his new ideas that those ideas will give you best results.

You can imagine also that these new ideas are going to give me best results. But it’s your responsibility to check whether these new ideas have the actual capability for the expected results and its real.

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