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Thursday, January 19, 2017



Positive Thinking

If you want to achieve something please see the following checklist while desiring and achieving your goal:
·         Desire
Whether you have a desire. Is it a strong or weak? Is it realistic?

·         Ability/ Capability
Are you able to fulfill your desire? Are you capable to achieve your goal?
·         Skill
Have you a skill to make an attempt?
·         PerfectAttempt
Can you make a perfect attempt? Or, have you got the perfectness in your attempt? If not, consider, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ And practice your attempt as you can if possible.
·         PlanB
Have you any alternative plan if not succeeded in your first attempt? If not, choose or prepare it, if possible.
·         Expectation
What would be your expectation regarding the outcome or the result? Whether you expect the success or failure? (If you expect both the things in advance it will help you in getting out of the shock of the failure, or to get less bad impact on your mind.)
·         Alternatives
Have you have the alternative goal or target, if you got unsuccessful or if you will be getting the failures again and again.

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