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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Control your mind

Control your mind

Positive Thoughts

Our mind is the greatest friend in our loneliness; because when we are lonely, there is no one to speak with us, to share our feelings. In this condition we use to speak with our own mind and spend the loneliness. But when we get to over relied upon it, it
could be/become the worst enemy ever we have! Because when we start to over rely on each and every thing what our mind says, then our mind starts to speak negative talks also and our mind starts to control us. Our mind try to be master of us. It start to imagine and show us the worst ever things to be happened with us or in our life, so as that the greatest enemy of ours in the world couldn't think. So, try to be master of your mind and don't let it be.
Our mind is the prime cause of all of our discomforts and stress, you should control your mind. You should make it stable and shouldn’t let it think according to its own ways. Don’t let it think without a base and don’t let it create a noise, turmoil and ambiguity in your brain. But rethink… it’s not easy,
According to Lord Buddha,
"Control your mind or it will control you."

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