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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Positive Thinking - 14

 An article published in the January 2007 Gallup Management Journal notes that the components of a positive attitude,
collectively called 'Positive Psychological Capital' can be learned.
According to the university of Pennsylvania, Positive Psychology Centre, optimism can be taught. [ Positive Thinking ]
According to Jacob Held,
"We can't escape pain; we can't escape the essential nature of our lives. But we do have a choice. We can give in and relent, or we can fight, persevere and create life worth living, a noble life. Pain is a fact; our evaluation of it is a choice." 
You can challenge failures after analysing the components that led to the failure. [ Positive Thinking ]
It has been mentioned (on a website - yogalifestylecoach.com) that - Most spiritual masters, teachers and healers agree that,

"Positive Attitude is the key ingredient in healing."
[ Positive Thinking ]

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