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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


If we observe, we can understand that when we are alone we always talk to ourselves. This is called as  self-talk. This self-talk is the endless process which run in our head and are unspoken
thoughts. various thoughts automatically emerges out of our mind and remain flying in our brain. These thoughts may be positive or negative.
These thoughts are generally emerges in various ways as following: -
1) Some thoughts emerge from logic and reasons.
2) Other comes from misconceptions created because of lack of information.
Hence, thoughts which are emerged from logic may be right, feasible and correct. Thoughts which are emerged from reasons may be feasible, may be sometimes be correct but may not be correct. Thoughts which are emerged from misconceptions may not always be correct.
Hence, thoughts emerging in your mind may sometimes be correct, feasible but always they are not correct and feasible.
The corrections of your thoughts are depended upon the cause by which they are emerging. It’s our duty to check the base by which they are getting emerged.
Negative thoughts create a pessimistic outlook and positive thoughts create your outlook as optimistic and hopeful. However, in most cases it is advised to stop self-talk.

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