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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wake up earlier… You have a reward

Wake up earlier… You have a reward

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People work, some work harder. So they need rest and sleep. Each and every living organisms need rest at night or when needed. Mere saying, only working people need rest isn't proper. Each one
needs sleep because each one’s body gets tired, whether he or she is worker or not. But being in sleep for a long time is not proper thing. Some people sleep for late because they are rich and some think that they are rich whether in fact they are or not. Some people sleep longer because in the sleep they can’t get the desire to wake up, some people and some then don't know the first ray of sun rise, to the date. Thinking, why should I wake up earlier? I haven't any kind of necessity of that people, after a period of hours, loses there in enthusiasm and charm in their work and after a period of hours this in the cells that age factor is overriding on them. So whether you are rich, either you haven't desire to wake up or these things can’t avoid the impact of age factor. Because they haven't ever took the fresh air in their lungs and their stamina gets decreased. Waking up earlier is a beautiful way to start the day and seeing beauty around you. Some people prefer getting up early in the morning and starting the day's work and some people not. It is good for health. You can breathe fresh air, smell the aroma of flowers and listen the birds singing. They refresh your brain and help in improving efficiency. It is beneficial to health.

Fresh air of morning provide perfect environment to your heart and mind to work and when you walk, heart supply perfect amount of purified blood to every organ of your body. This way each and every organ gets its proper healthy diet and stays fit. So this way your body stays fit and you live longer. Early morning wake up add years to your life.

Walking let your skin breath, brisk walking helps to open your skin pores and sweat (toxic liquid) comes out which helps in exercise of skin and your skin looks shiny and healthy. Hence, early morning wake up Makes your skin more shiny According to research walking briskly specially in morning help to keep blood pressure normal. Walking helps to remove fat from blood vessels. Walking makes use of glucose and insulin by muscle tissues, insulin in high amount may be bad for normal blood pressure. Hence, early morning wake up manage blood pressure. Morning walk provide fresh air to heart and heart provide purified blood with fresh oxygen this thing help to improve your memory. Hence, early morning wake up improves your memory.

If you spend lot of your time on computer and feels like you are losing your eyesight then morning walk is must for you. According to a research walking bare foot on grass helps to improve your eye sight. Hence, early morning wake up Improves eyesight. Brisk walking burn your extra calories and automatically extra fat. If you will take good diet morning walk will surely give you perfect good looking figure. Hence, early morning wake up Helps to keep your figure perfect. Morning walk involves movement of every part of body in perfect environment .Beside this morning walk help to keep bones joint stronger which makes your body flexible and strong. Hence, early morning wake up makes you flexible Morning walk keep your heart healthy in turn heart provide fresh oxygen and healthy blood with nutrients to sexual organs .So this way morning walk helps to continue your happy sexual life. Hence, early morning wake up makes you sexually healthy. If you become depressed easily that means your brain is not healthy believe or not but morning walk can do lot for you. Morning walk helps to produce hormones that can decrease the level of stress. If you can jog it will be better to reduce stress. Hence, early morning wake up Reduce stress. Morning walk provide fresh healthy blood and oxygen to each and every cell of the body which is essential for the transport of required nutrients in the body. Which in turn provide better activity of immune system and gives every organ of body power to fight against diseases and infections? Hence, early morning wake up Boost immune system.

Sleep is the gift given by The God to all living organisms. Because in the sleep all the body get rebuilded and how so much you have got tired by your body or by your mind you wake up with a new charm after having a sleep. But having so much sleep..., what does that mean. Sleeping for a particular time one can understand, but why not to wake up and not to open your eyes for a long.

Sleeping is a tendency, but over sleeping is morbidity! Nature itself wakes up by the sunrise and get in the work then why not you. Waking up with sunrise is so beautiful thing to experience when you breathe a fresh air and when you feel your enthusiasm. These two thing will never you get within that day after the morning. Waking up earlier gives the gift of these two things and waking up late make you to lose these two things. So it’s like a reward ..., don’t miss it.

Being too long in sleep and being unaware for a long time, both are same things and both are not beneficial. Just try to aware what is going to happen and what is the fact, what is the truth rather than something is going to happen into your life, maybe it is good or bad and you are in a sleep and unaware of it. In this regard, if you are not getting mere because of your unawareness, you are worse than an unlucky!

So, be in sleep its needed, it’s a tendency, be unaware, because it is the condition in which almost everyone is, but wake up earlier as you can, because as long as you’ll take the time as more you are going to miss what is going to get, the benefits or risks. As earlier as you are going to wake up, as more precisely you are going to beat the hurdles.
As by being in a sleep for a long time, you miss the beautiful sunrise, fresh air and enthusiasm, by being unaware for a long time, you miss the new opportunities arising, fresh trends.
As by sleeping for a long time, some diseases might attract your body, by being unaware; your life may be attacked by some sudden failures, shocks and unhappiness etc. Getting these good things and beating these bad things can’t be considered as less than a reward! So, just wake up, open your eyes, see the world for the facts, reality, emerging and new trends and rising fresh opportunities, you definitely have a reward… waiting for you!


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