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Monday, January 16, 2017


In our life sometimes a person even having all the availabilities remains unsuccessful; because of judgment. When we go at the mechanic shop and got availed all the mechanic tools and got asked to repair a car, we can’t do that. If we got asked to solve the entire problems mere getting availed a book of Mathematics, we can’t do that or mere getting availed the entire hospital if we got asked to give an injection to a patient or to give a prescription, we can’t do that; because we haven’t the judgment.
It is a skill which gives us judgment and it is an experience which gives us the skill.
Some people always say that most things you will get at free; but not the Wisdom. You have to pay for it! You have to pay your time! You have to pay your presence! You have to pay your attention and you have to pay your efforts!
It is knowledge which makes us efficient to do things and by doing we get practice, practice gives us experience and experience skill, skill gives us the judgment. Sometimes after having all those things also a person gets a disappointment.
Mere having or possessing something doesn’t mean that you got the results. Mere having a brain doesn’t mean that you have got the achievement, you have to acquire knowledge. Mere having the knowledge doesn’t mean that you have got the success you have to use, apply it. Mere having the application doesn’t mean the completion, you have to get and use experience. And mere having the experience doesn’t mean that you are the master, you have to use judgment!
All that means, mere having things don’t mean that you have got the results. For results you have to use your knowledge, skill, experiences and judgments and further you have to use them wisely (or sometimes very wisely). Whatever the case may be, the thing remains finally is whether you are wise or not and whether you use your ‘Wisdom’ or not. Hence, the important thing ultimately in each one’s life is ‘Wisdom’.
The essence of life doesn’t come into existence as easily as we think, there are so many lives got vanished behind it and that essence doesn’t gets available always for everyone and for everywhere.
All we know the truth that one cannot live without the air, water and food. But there is also the next truth that no one can exist without the wisdom. Behind any kind of existence, there is only wisdom factor behind it.
These things of wisdom a person get sometimes mere from an advice (sometimes free advice), sometimes a person has to spend his stage of age, whole life, sometimes a generation has to wait to become wise and sometimes there is a huge struggle and movement of many generations behind it.
Hence, you may be well (educated, thinker, established etc.); but are you wise? Do you check(?) that mere practicing your own thoughts, perception, knowledge unwisely, leading you in a negative condition? If yes, then that’s important and useful to you!

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