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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gone time never comes. Same is the age… Don’t miss moments!

Gone time never comes. Same is the age… Don’t miss moments!

Inspiring Thoughts

We spend our time in the various tasks or works. Generally, there is a tendency to spend the time in the entertaining things, but because of the earnings almost everyone has to spend some of his time in the work that gives earning of money. Some spend their time for all the earnings like spiritual, mental, emotional, physical etc. Children spend their time in school, teenagers in colleges, and youngsters in achieving goals, adults in working and sometimes at home and sometimes at work. But after school, college, study, work everyone preferably want to spend their time in playing, getting relaxed, in wandering, in watching movies, in listening movies or in the various types of hobbies. We spend our time with our parents our brothers, our sisters, our friends, or relatives, with our friends, colleagues, classmates, companions and loving ones.
There are rarely people who spend their time alone sometimes by his own desire and sometimes because of the need. But lonely person without a reason may be said to be a mad or unlucky one. We spend our time with people for various types of reasons, to work, to play, to share your feelings, to share thinking and ideas for entertainment for fun etc. We should sometimes spend our time with nature also. We don't spend time with the people or in the places to whom or to which we dislike or don't want to. Sometimes over disliking we have to spend more time with them or at those places. We should spend our time with inspiring people, with people who support us , from whom we get things to learn and at those places we have some progress and development. A person goes through various stages of age in life. In each stage he lives differently, he gets various types of relationships and experiences. A person has various types and different feelings and emotions in various types of stages of age.
At childhood stage a person is very playful, very cheerful and naughty. He makes insistence on each and every demand. Almost all his demands are been fulfilled. In childhood, a person gets love by his parents and almost by everyone. He or she gets almost everything he wants. All his responsibilities are taken by the parents therefore; he has not any kind of tension. In teen age person faces various kinds of changes and fluctuations, he or she becomes so emotional sometimes and sometimes so aggressive. He or she gets attracted towards many things. In youth, phase a person is diverted sometimes and sometimes he or she possesses the extreme ambition to win the world. At adult age, because of all the responsibilities, a person is nearly busy in his tasks. And there is no necessity to tell about the old age. After spending time, at the end of each stage or at the end of all stages we think that, something is left behind. Something that we wanted to do. What or which we can't remind or understand or can't tell. Sometimes we spend our time in the imposed things.
The things which are decided by others or by the situations and ignore what our mind or heart wants. In childhood stage, our mind want to play, want particular toy, watch cartoon and not movies. There are different kinds of demands of our mind in childhood. Or demands are so tiny. We don't want money; we just want at all, a chocolate, a cartoon and most importantly, our mother. 
In youth phase we want ambitions, we struggle to become someone special or sometimes because of the companion we are so diverted from our goals.
In the adulthood, a person gets addicted to the earnings. He thinks that without an earning there is nothing. Even then, he has some demands in his or her life or in mind, he or she search things like marriages etc. He or she expects always for a life partner. And in the old age person has full of time and his time doesn't passes, he or she just expect persons or things with whom or with which they can spend their time or make some time pass. 
Sometimes a person in our life , at or in the stages of age, offers hand of friendship, sometimes watch towards us with loving site but because of the busyness we can't understand that feeling and because of helplessness that person choose an alternative option and departs us. Finally, we memorize and realize that we have no choice. 
Therefore, which moment are with us, who are with us in those moments, we should consider them, respect them and their feelings. Different types of moments come in our life, sometimes of friendship sometimes of affection, sometimes of love, sometimes emotional. In a moment various types of persons come in touch of us, we should give a proper time for them also.
In short, a person has two types of needs, needs of his or her own mind and heart i.e. his or her or emotional and mental needs and needs those are generated because of the condition or situations. Just because to exist or to survive, a person strives for the needs generated from the condition or situation and sometimes ignores his own emotions or forget to consider his or her own emotions and at last he thinks that something is there which has been remained to do. Maybe that, a friendship, affection, a love or an ambition. At last of the stage of the age he thinks that it is left to play, it is left to listen music, it is left to give some time for my loving one or it is left to live life in my own way. 
We realize that either the time has gone or the person has left. Therefore, while seeing at the future and while doing our work for future, we should consider, respect and give response to the moments which are and persons who are with us. Different moments come in our life, sometimes of friendship, sometimes of affection, sometimes, emotional and some times of sorrow. In each moment some or more persons are with us. We should consider, respect and give proper response and time to them and their feelings. Because those moments eventually leaves us and departs us without our understanding. If we leave these moments they give us the memories otherwise we have nothing without the repentance.
In our day to day life sometimes we just live for the future and forget the present. Here don't forget to work for your future but indeed see who is or what is with you in this moment, consider him/her or them and keep pacing! 
Time is the only thing, which is available for each and everyone in the world. Things available for one, doesn't available for everyone. Things available at one place doesn't available everywhere. The only thing which is available everywhere and for everyone is time! Arriving and departing is the tendency of time. The only thing is that gone time never comes and going time doesn’t wait for someone and something. What remains left is what we have done experienced, with whom we stayed and in that time! 
So, don't miss the moments because they don't have to come again in your life!

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