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Friday, February 10, 2017

Losing an opportunity? Just turn around… You’ll see more!

Losing an opportunity? Just turn around… You’ll see more!

Inspiring Thoughts

We live for the purpose, with a purpose. Very hardly would be there someone, who is or live without a purpose. It is a desire which get converted into the purpose and it is purpose, which get converted into an ambition. Being ambitious is a good thing but being over ambitious or being ambitious for just one thing ignoring all in the world, may be harmful for a person.

It is an ambition which sends a person at the highest location and it is the same ambition which sends a person in a broken mind if not achieved. Ambitions or goals should be decided in advance, but should not be remained, because if remained you again have to rise up and fight or struggle for it. Ambitions of your goals are the milestone and because of them, you at least know where you have to go. A person having no goal or ambition finds himself or herself his or her life is diverted.
There are various types of ambitions or goals of people according to their body structure, stableness of mind, their surroundings and their thoughts. Some want to become an officer, some to sportsmen, some to singer and some just the housekeeper. It is just a result of different types of tendencies. Struggling, living for that ambition is a good thing. Even ignoring people, occasions, events for that ambition also may be a good thing, but how it would be a good thing to ignore the opportunities even if your ambition is not getting achieved even at the end of your energies.
A little insistence is good but too much, it is harmful. Sometimes, it is the need of hour, to make adjustments. And even it is the law of nature i.e. ‘Law of Adaptability’, if you can't make adjustments with the surroundings you can't survive. Being attached with just one ambition, even if it is not getting for a long period and not making adjustments in this regard, maybe a cause of decline. We see through various view points towards various types of achievements. Sometimes, we consider the other achievements as inferior which is not proper because nothing is inferior in the world and everything is at its right place. So considering inferior to other opportunities maybe a cause of not giving them a chance into your life, into your ambition or into your choice.
One should check this tendency, and see for the alternative opportunities or sometimes the available opportunities. We leave on a globe and consequently we're in a circle. In a circle if you see, the dots are everywhere. Same is regarding the opportunities. If you see or concentrate towards only one dot then you can't see the others. Same is about the opportunities. If you are concentrating on one ambition that means you are not concentrating on the others. That is not meant that they are not in the existence. And choosing one opportunity means sacrificing the all others. Means, you have sacrificed all the other opportunities and after not getting one opportunity, choosing one of the others is your right also.
So if you are not getting a success for a long time you can leave it and seeing the alternatives, you can choose one or more from among the others. Therefore, just mere seeing towards the gone or departed opportunities and doing nothing, it’s better that you should turn around you will be able to see all the opportunities which are surrounded to you.

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