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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The world is large enough. Abandon... Narrow Thinking!

People live in different types of territories and different types of areas. some live in rocky territories , some in fertile territories, some live in desert and some in icy one, as according to the geographical manner. The world is large enough. Abandon narrow thinking is the post about saying the large world and our narrow viewpoint.
According to the financial manner, some live in developed areas, then some in backward. According to the educational factor some people live in highly educational areas, then some in uneducated one. In considering the cultural factors, some lives in cultured or highly cultural areas and some lives in uncultured or much uncultured areas. 
People live in various types of territories in various types of conditions, in various types of environments with various types of styles. Atmosphere changes as geography changes, condition changes as atmosphere changes, condition and lifestyle changes as environment changes, people changes as environment changes and situations change as people changes!
But everyone has to live, everyone has to survive! And if there comes survival there comes a struggle, and when struggle comes, there comes a movement. If movement comes, there comes competition, rivalry. If competition comes, there comes overcoming to each other and to win. For our survival we have to find our scope. What matters is, where do you find or intend to find your scope. Generally, we intend to find our scope just within our areas, i.e. in our town etc. which sometimes become a narrow one; because of so many rivalries and competitors are there.
Just not we, but everyone don't want to go outside of his or her residential or related area, as a result, the number becomes so large and competition becomes strong. It is just like, that a whole train is empty and everyone wants to be in a same bogie though whole train is empty and don't want to go in an another one or in the any one of others.
In such an area, the strugglers are many more and the opportunities or achievements are less and in these conditions we find or want to find our scope in such a narrow areas. And we don’t want to know, that the world also exists beyond these boundaries and it hasn't limit. Limitless opportunities, limitless success exists there and hidden there in the world. We should be capable to see them. We see in our city the enormous number of vehicle, but we'll see the less number of ships in the ocean, less number of aero planes in the sky and even less number of rockets in the space! Same is about the competition, as large the scope of yours will, as less would be the competition there. And as more will be the measure of achievements, success or earnings. And as your scope will be narrow, as less you would get the enjoyment and pleasure. 
In a narrow scope; because of the less measure of achievements and greater measure of the desiring people, there are less chances of getting the achievements and therefore the struggle becomes harder. Sometimes people adopt the immoral or bad ways or strategies also. But, acquiring the achievements or earnings by these ways is just a robbery. 
We must realize at least a time that we are struggling in narrow boundaries. And this will only happen when we'll get outside the boundaries and see them from outside or from the over. As over as we go, we'll see the area as narrow and lastly like just a dot as compares to the world.
There is no restrictions of anyone on coming out of your boundaries, it is just your mind which don't want to get out of those boundaries, if changed, you can find your scope your state level, throughout the nation or throughout the world (where, science then, finds its scope beyond the world and throughout the universe, then why not you throughout the world?). 
This is in regarding the areas; but what about your mind? If it is narrow. Sometimes our mind is also becomes narrow about people, about feelings, regarding to support to or to help to someone or not liking of someone's progress etc. We should make our mind also to be a broad one and should learn to think in a broad way also! 
In our life we always think, interact in a narrow circle, though there is a huge crowd in a narrow circle. Sometimes we have to struggle even for the existence in that circle. But after getting out of that circle, you will see... the world is so large and the sky is free! There is no restrictions which way you have to fly just the condition is that you should be prepared. 
So, the world is large enough, just you should abandon your narrow thinking and you will definitely realize that it is available! Yes always!

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