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Friday, February 24, 2017

Try hard for success; considering... Rate of failure!

There are four kinds of people preparing for their earnings, achievements or success. One, those preparing for the examination or competition to pass or not to fail. Second, preparing for the competition to win. Third, preparing for competition to achieve. And fourth, preparing for competition to overcome.

In the first kind of people, they only achieve the target which has been assigned to them. They don't want excessive things or achievements. They just get happy if they haven't got failed. Means they are just intended to take care of not getting failed rather that getting passed.
In the second kind of people, they struggle for the number one position, means, they want to win or achieve the number one position in any field and take care of anyone shouldn't take their position.
In third kind of people, they don't care that someone is coming with parallel to them. Means, they don't care at which position they are. They just want to achieve what or how much they have decided and they achieve that. And in the last kind of people, they want to overcome someone or something, they don't want number one position, they don't have to get passed or they don't have his own target before them. They just want to overtake.
Whatever the thing be, in all above cases the common thing is that, everyone just see his or her target and hope or decide, that should be passed or achieved. And they see, consider and use all the important factors, things to achieve or pass the target.
They use all supporting things and take help of supporters. They prepares hard. They practice hard. They study hard and they exercise hard. They use all the needful and important resources and equipment. And sometimes, even then they get unsuccessful in achieving their goals or in passing their target. 
As in prior stated in the preface, mere availabilities of all the things is not important, then the wisely use of them gives you the success. Here, you get unsuccessful because of unwise use of availabilities and non-considering the rate of failure. If you would have considered and studied the rate of failure you wouldn't have get failed in achieving your success. 
In a competition if the target is one and you are the only one that means you have no competitors, the success rate is 100 % Even if the competitors are 100 and the targets also are 100 in this case also the success rate is 100 % But when the target is one and the competitors are hundred then the success rate is 1% and the rate of failure is 99 %. Here, all that means, success rate is depended upon the number of targets and the number of competitors. Increase in the targets and decrease in competitors means more persons of success. And increase in competitors and decrease in targets means less rate of success and much rate of unsuccessful. Just struggling for success and ignoring the rate of failure leaves you to get a huge disappointment and huge shock, if you don’t get success. Therefore, firstly understand why 99 % people get or got unsuccessful and then try hard for the success. Firstly, you will never get unsuccessful and by chance if so happens, you will never get disappointment! 
In competition, you should firstly study, the reasons of the unsuccessfulness after considering the rate of unsuccessfulness. And then, beyond thinking your availabilities you should deliver your performance accurately, precisely and effectively.

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