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Be Positive

Positive ThoughtsFreedom is state of mind and not the tendency! Just think a mind generally don't want or don't tend to be free by itself own. You can see your mind is attached at least one thing this or that. It's you who can make your mind free! Now its upon you how to make it and from which things you have to make it.
Instead of this don’t narrow your mind by restricting it according to your own perception of the perspective, let it see all dimensions of the world. Don’t make it conditional according to your own
conditions that “I’ll be happy only after getting the opportunity, success etc. and not otherwise.” Just be happy when you want and always and let the mind be.
Let the mind be free from your own conceptions, your own conditions of happiness and satisfaction. Let it take from it want (Of course not from the anti-human and anti-society deeds).
In the same way, your mind is like a butterfly, it always wants to fly and that’s why it becomes unstable. Don’t let it be unstable. Try to make stable your mind onto some particular and good things. Don’t let your mind become out of your control and don’t let it think and to arise the useless, irritating and negative thoughts, which make uncomfortable, distressed to you.
Let the mind be in your control you’ll learn to ride on your mind. And when this happens, you’ll see, you are like a rider. Wherever you’ll want your mind take you to there and you’ll see the unbelievable and unseen parts of this world. Yes, those are in existence, yes you can approach to there, yes, you can earn how much you want, you can achieve what you want and you can bring into existence whichever ideas you want because… ‘There’s always a way, when there’s a will!’
Just, don’t be negative and… Be Positive!


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