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Your age may be considerable, what important is… Your charm!

Inspiring Thoughts, AgeWhile travelling in journey of life we play, we laugh, we get serious, we enjoy, we learn, we make friends and while doing all these types of things we just don’t understand when our age escapes from the boundaries of our expectations. We don’t understand when and why we became such aged or some unexpected years of old? At certain levels it’s okay; but beyond those levels it’s not.
We always think about the waste things. It is acceptable fact that grown age leads us to having of dull skin, hair, absence of
enthusiasm, lose confidence, negligence of people thereof; but it’s not true that these things does not occur about those which are having the lesser age. Sometimes they also have this problem, i.e. they also have a dull skin, hair, absence of enthusiasm, lose confidence, negligence of people thereof. And further, who says that every aged person doesn’t seems to be fresh and enthusiastic? We always see that some people instead of having more age, they have glowing skin, full enthusiasm, good confidence and a certain shine in their eyes!
This means, while considering the age, actually these dull factors has been considered by people to neglect someone, i.e. you are neglected to provide an opportunity not because of your age; but because of your dull skin, hair, absence of enthusiasm, lose confidence.
So use forgetting your age and try to get a glow on your skin (whether you are black or white), a shine in your eyes, an improvement in your practice, confidence and in overall try to have a charm in your body and into your whole body language. You’ll see you are getting a fever!

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